برنامج التدريب العالمي التابع للبنك الدولي ومؤسسة التمويل الدولية (GIP) 2024

برنامج التدريب العالمي التابع للبنك الدولي ومؤسسة التمويل الدولية (GIP) 2024

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The Global Internship Program (GIP) offers highly motivated individuals an opportunity to be exposed to the mission and work of IFC and the broader World Bank Group and become part of the largest private sector development institution in the world.

The program encourages individuals to bring new perspectives and innovative ideas to IFCs work, while improving skills in a diverse and highly stimulating environment. Moreover, the Global Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with international professionals dedicated to ending extreme poverty and boosting prosperity in the developing world.

Internship Details for Global Internship Program (GIP)

IFC hires Global Interns for a minimum period of four weeks between May and September to work on discrete projects in Washington, D.C. or in one of IFCs country or regional offices.Many of the posted opportunities are also open for virtual participation.

Operational assignments cover various areas of work, such as participation in sector-specific market mapping, investment proposal reviews, financial modeling and analysis, portfolio management, upstream work and advisory services activities. Other assignments can cover a range of activities in corporate and support departments. Global Interns also get access to corporate orientation, skills training, and regular learning events/activities for the GIP cohort.

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Application for Global Internship Program (GIP)

The Global Intership Program receives 5,000+ applications each year for approximately 70+ positions located in headquarters in Washington, DC and around the world. For the year 2024, the application period will be from Tuesday, February 6th to Sunday, February 25th 11:59pm UTC.

Provider: World Bank IFC

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