How to write a letter to ask for/give advice ?

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Letters asking for or giving advice can be formal , informal or semi-formal depending on the situation. A letter asking for advice can be sent to a friend, a consultant or an advice column in a magazine. Details of the problem should be mentioned. A letter giving advice should contain suggestions introduced with appropriate language.

Asking for Advice

Paragraph 1 - reason(s) for writing
Main Body
Paragraphs 2-3 - description of problem(s)
Final Paragraph - closing remarks
Full name
Useful Language for Letters Asking for Advice
Opening Remarks:
- I am writing to ask if you could help me with
- I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice about
- I am writing to ask for your advice
- I would be grateful if you could offer your advice
- Could you possibly offer your advice
- I wonder if you could help me with a problem

- I'm writing to ask for your advice
- Can you give me your advice
- I've got a problem and I need your advice
Closing Remarks:
- I would appreciate it if you could give me your advice as soon as possible
- I look forward to receiving your advice
- It would be of great help if you could advise me
- What do you think I should do?
- Please let me know what you think I should do
- Please tell me what to do

Giving Advice

Paragraph 1 - thanks for letter/express understanding of problem
Main Body
Paragraphs 2-3 - suggestion(s) + reason(s)
Final Paragraph - closing remarks
Full name

Useful Language for Letters Giving Advice
Opening Remarks:
- Thank you for your letter requesting
- I am writing in reply to your letter asking for advice about
- I hope the following advice will be of some help to you
- I just got your letters and I think I can help you
- I was sorry to hear about your problem. Here's what I think you should do
Suggestions can be introduced with expressions such as:

- I strongly recommend that
- I would suggest that
- I believe the best course of action is
- I would advise you to
- You should/You ought to/If I were you I would
- Why don't you
- It would be a good idea to
- What you should do is
- How about.../I thin you should
- The best advice I can give you is

Closing Remarks:
- I trust you will accept this advice
- I hope this will be of help
- I would very much like to know if this was helpful
- Hope this has helped
- Let me know what happens


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