Grants and Volunteering Opportunity with Peace First to Make Peace Projects

Grants and Volunteering Opportunity with Peace First to Make Peace Projects

Algeria 19 Feb 2030
Peace First

Peace First

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19 Feb 2030
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Are you an active young leader who is ambitious about changing the world? Do you have any solutions to any of the issues that are negatively impacting our communities?

Peace first is offering many opportunities to young active people, who have a commitment to leave a positive impact on their communities, and to help these young leaders to speak up for their values and make a change. You can tell about an issue in your community, and suggest a solution, and Peace First will help you make it happen, as they provide $250 mini-grants, digital tools, mentors and connect you with other caring community of peacemakers. The organization supports young people turning their ideas into peacemaking projects, as they are accepting and supporting projects throughout the year. Peacemaking is the creative process of engaging with others to make a positive and lasting change. When referring to a Peacemaking Journey, Pease First is referring to the 5 stages you will go through to complete your peacemaking project:

[1] Choose an Injustice

[2] Understand through Compassion

[3] Start your Project Planning

[4] Take Action

[5] Reflect and Share your Story

Peace First is planning to increase the number of international young people who are joining the Peace First platform, creating their peacemaking projects, and requesting mini-grants to support the implementation of their projects. Peace First is pleased to provide mini-grants up to $250 USD to support young peacemakers from outside the U.S. and U.K. in taking action in their communities.

If you are an international young peacemaker, and want to apply for a mini-grant, Peace First needs to make sure that money is going to help the implementation of beneficial projects, so you must conduct a 20-30 minutes call using Skype with Peace First organizers after submitting the mini-grant request.

In addition to making positive and peaceful contributions to your community, there are lots of benefits to be a part in Peace First, for example:

[1] Access to tools that take you step by step in creating a peacemaking project.

[2] Online mentors and groups can provide feedback and answer questions.

[3] Youth can share their stories and accomplishments through project pages.

[4] Celebration of you and your peacemaking work, shared with an international audience.

Peace First is a non-profit organization based in Boston Massachusetts, U.S., dedicated to helping young people around the world to become powerful peacemakers by Investing in their ideas, providing them with tools and skills, connecting them with other awesome young people around the world, and sharing their stories and impact with the world. Peace First views young people as natural problem solvers and creative thinkers, and invests in their ability to see themselves as leaders.

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