Top 5 GRE Online Preparation Courses 2020

Top 5 GRE Online Preparation Courses 2020



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Top 5 GRE Online Preparation Courses 2020

1- Magoosh GRE Prep Course

2- Kaplan GRE Prep Course

3- ETS GRE Prep Course

4- Princeton Review GRE Test Prep Online Course

5- Premium GRE® Prep Course: Improve Your GRE Score

GRE Online Preparation Course #1: Magoosh GRE Prep Course

Magoosh has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. The dashboard gives students quick access to view progress charts, recommended lessons based on completed practice questions and other important aspects. The course is structured in an easy-to-follow way. You take customizable practice quizzes, watch video lessons and review GRE course material all from the dashboard.

The Magoosh GRE program is unparalleled when it comes to providing quality study material at a discounted price. For just $149, students can gain a 6 months access to 1,000 practice questions, 200+ video lessons and up to 3 practice exams. Furthermore, each practice question comes with both video and written explanations to ensure full comprehension of concepts. Test prep experts on Magoosh happen to have extensive backgrounds in tutoring, GRE subject matter and in being the best at their job, generally. As far as customer support goes, Magoosh has a built-in help tab appearing whenever students are logged in. Bottom line is that Magoosh is the most flexible and the best GRE prep course online.

Offered by: Magoosh

Instructed by: Magoosh online instructors

Price: $149

Skills and Knowledge Imparted: 

GRE math and verbal reasoning skills.

Difficulty Level: all levels

Duration and Total Lectures: 6 Months

Average User Rating: 5

GRE Online Preparation Course #2: Kaplan GRE Prep Course

Kaplans GRE prep course is the best in terms of in-person courses. It offers a lot of practice material to better recognize GRE question types and improve your test-taking ability. Their quiz bank of more than 5,000 GRE practice questions. The practice exams allows users to take customized quizzes and filter which GRE areas they want to focus on. On Kaplan, retake the course or get a refund if your score isnt enough. One of the refund conditions sees students a baseline GRE score before beginning the course.

This GRE preparation training comes with a flashcard app for every device. Gain access to 500 flashcards including synonyms, vocabulary items, sample sentences and definitions. Quiz yourself, track your own progress, and see performance statistics right from your smartphone. Kaplans uniqueness lies in its ability to let students take a practice GRE test in an actual Prometric testing facility. This gives students the edge they need to pass GRE. All-in-all, consider money to not be an issue, Kaplan provides the most comprehensive course offering on the market.

Offered by: Kaplan

Instructed by: Kaplan online instructors

Price: $629

Skills and Knowledge Imparted: 

Difficulty Level: all levels

Duration and Total Lectures: 6 months

Average User Rating: 4.8

GRE Online Preparation Course #3: ETS GRE Prep Course

If you want the most authentic and reliable testing service provider to prepare for GRE, ETS will fulfill your expectations. One of the most trusted international test sources commonly IELTS and TEOFL. With 60 + years of experience and expertise in the educational sector, ETS online covers all the GRE coursework in a self-paced learning environment.

This online FREE GRE course prepares test takers for GRE general test, GRE for business school and law school. ETS also lets students demonstrate their abilities and select a particular field based on their GEE scores. Preparation books, videos, lectures, audio-visual aid and every other kind of study material is provided on the official ETS website to help you prepare for GRE.

Offered by: ETS

Instructed by: ETS online

Price: free

Skills and Knowledge Imparted: 

Difficulty Level: all levels

Duration and Total Lectures: self-paced

Average User Rating: 4.4

GRE Online Preparation Course #4: Princeton Review GRE Test Prep Online Course 

The Princeton Reviews online GRE prep course is the best one with regards to live online courses. With 8 full-length versatile practice tests, it gives more recreated practices than any of its competitors. After each test, students get input a one-on-one survey of tests with their educators. Rehash a similar course or take a supplemental class. Keep on working with The Princeton Review for as long as an year.

Scores didnt improve? Request a discount.

The Princeton Review is simply the best self-paced GRE course offering input on your training articles, which you can present through the LiveGrader device. One of their specialists will score your paper and furnish you with useful recommendations for improving your papers. The Princeton Review has various full-length tests (counting one free practice test) that can enable you to distinguish regions of shortcoming, just as in excess of 3,500 practice questions.

Offered by: The Princeton Review

Instructed by: The Princeton Review online instructors

Price: $499

Skills and Knowledge Imparted: 

Difficulty Level: all levels

Duration and Total Lectures: 4 Months

Average User Rating: 4.5

GRE Online Preparation Course #5: Premium GRE® Prep Course: Improve Your GRE Score

5 hours of animated substance, hundreds of guided practice issues clarified altogether by GRE specialists. Analysis and clarification of basic test-taking techniques, created by a group of test preparation specialists hailing from the countrys most esteemed colleges. TutorMes GRE course, the first completely animated GRE course, shows students GRE like no one has previously. Its completely enlivened and will show you the ideas tried on the GRE more than ever.

The exhausting high contrast issues of government sanctioned testing will be enlivened in an engaging way. With more than 5 hours of unique substance, you wont discover more comprehensive ideas tried on the GRE. In addition, weve included an extra 500 practice issues taken legitimately from the GRE. That is more than two full trial of additional material. There are significant test taking methodologies that you wont gain from Test Prep Books.

Offered by: Udemy

Instructed by: Test Prep (group of USC and Stanford gradutes with 100+ years of teaching experience)

Price: $44.99

Skills and Knowledge Imparted: 

Difficulty Level: all levels

Duration and Total Lectures: 35 lectures, 3 hours

Average User Rating: 4.2 (640 ratings)

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