FIIN’s Biodiversity Drawing Contest with Prizes Worth of 1200 Euros

FIIN’s Biodiversity Drawing Contest with Prizes Worth of 1200 Euros

Algérie 15 juil. 2023


Organisation à but non lucratif, Parcourir ses opportunités similaires


Organisation à but non lucratif
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Date limite
15 juil. 2023
Type d'opportunité
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Financement complet
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Cette opportunité est destiné à tous les pays
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Toutes les régions

FIIN is accepting entries for Biodiversity Drawing contest 2023.

The main objective is to to promote the subject of biological natural heritage, like the natural regions, the ecosystems, the habitats and the species of wild fauna and flora, through the selection and classification of works, drawings and illustrations related to this subject, according to the criteria defined in regulation. It also seeks to promote illustration and design of nature and to encourage the growth of Participants who portray the natural heritage of the wild, as well as launching the debate and reflection of society on the need to knowing, promoting and conserving biodiversity.

The theme of the contest is the Biodiversity, portrayed through illustrations of wildlife, flora and wild habitats.

The categories foreseen in this Competition are:

  • Illustration / Scientific drawing, which applies concepts and techniques of drawing and elements of descriptive and informative character with scientific accuracy.
  • Illustration / Nature Drawing, which seeks to portray, through drawing techniques, wild fauna and flora species

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